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Photo series depicting the conflict bewteen creative desire and responsibility. This series was shown in the Art Gallery of Alberta and the North Vancouver Arts Council.


Artist Statement


I recently began Jungian Analysis work. In Jungian Analysis we work with our dream selves. I met artists in my dreams, larger than life artistic personas. When I interacted with them, I connected deeply to my repressed Artist Self. Since I became a mother, I have mostly put my creative expression aside. I have dedicated my conscious self entirely to the role of motherhood.

The work addresses Jungian themes of multiple expressions of self, the role of active imagination in unifying these multiple aspects of Self in the process of individuation and working with Shadow aspects of one’s personality. In Jungian work, when one creates the images of the imagination and brings them to reality, this allows for unification of multiple selves. This work shows the union and the multiplicity at the same time. This work is also inspired by the self-portraiture work of Frida Kahlo, which showed her inner reality and struggles and the self-portraits of Cindy Sherman. 

When I began to interact consciously with my dream artist figures, the creative aspect of myself became very demanding. I began searching ardently for escape from my role as a mother. But, although the projects and ideas were never ending in my spirit, I was simply too busy with my life as a mother of four and household manager  to devote my time to the art - and I was angry and sad at this. This art was born from this frustration. 

I hope that by viewing this work, you will consider the roles of mothers and the many selves mothers sacrifice for their children. 

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